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The law on corporate social responsibility (CSR) toward consumers was codified in Vietnam in the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights 2010. After more than ten years, in addition to the achieved results, certain limitations
of the law have been revealed, including provisions related to the responsibility of enterprises in protecting the interests of consumers. In response, on March 29, 2021,
the Ministry of Industry and Trade submitted statement No. 1695/Ttr-BCT, which proposes the development of amendments to the law. It is in this context that the authors focus on clarifying the legal provisions and the practice of law enforcement regarding CSR for consumers. In doing so, they set out the advantages and limitations of the law as well as its practical implementation. At the same time,
it provides recommendations for improving the law on corporate responsibility to protect the interests of consumers.

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Responsibility of enterprises, protect interests, consumers, Vietnam. Responsibility of enterprises, protect interests, consumers, Vietnam.

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